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G. Marcus


George Ritzel is a unique personality on the international scene of styling and aesthetics. If the place where we are born and our origins shape our character, to come to the world in the city of Philadelphia, the heart of the East Coast of North America, of German father and Indian Cherokee mother, provided George with a unique starting point for his creative career.


GMS Experience

An original way of understanding styling in Madrid.
A memorable experience in an international environment with a Spanish flavor

Entering to George Marcus Salon is, after all, a unique experience that will stay with you not only in your style, but also in your senses.


The sublime treatment we provide to our clients takes shape in an absolute personalization of our services.

Always step by step. First, a prior consultation where we identify your needs and taste. Next, implementing our solutions with exquisite care. And, finally, part of our service, a subsequent evaluation and continuous monitoring of your style and tips for you to keep it every day.

Our goal, is your beauty.



George Marcus Salon puts beauty excellence at your fingertips. Take advantage of our unique opportunities for "high quality" services...

Book an appointment for cutting and color services and we gift you a free capilar treatment.



Tuesdays to Fridays

10:00am to 8:00pm


10:00h a 19:00h

Domingos y Lunes


*For those clients that would like to, we can coordinate your transportation to the Salon from where you are and, subsequently, to any place you want to go. 

Complementary private parking is available. Kindly request it with prior notice.