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George Marcus Salon.


George Ritzel is a unique personality on the international scene of styling and aesthetics. If the place where we are born and our origins shape our character, to come to the world in the city of Philadelphia, the heart of the East Coast of North America, of German father and Indian Cherokee mother, provided George with a unique starting point for his creative career.

From his childhood, George expresses his artistic ability through painting. It shows an innate mastery of color, form and textures that very soon he begins to apply to the great passion of his life: hairdressing and styling.

At the age of 20, he was one of the most important hairdressers on the East Coast, working in the best Salons and with the most famous professionals in the sector. George knows how to enhance the beauty and style of each person and soon familiar faces begin to trust his knowledge.

At the age of 34, his desire to create his own Salon becomes a reality George Marcus Salon.He opens his first George Marcus Salon, where he creates a unique experience focused on excellence in customer service, and reflects his taste for practical and contemporary beauty in a total international environment.

Two years later, anticipating what is now a settled trend, he launches his hair care line based on completely natural products: George Marcus HairCare.

In 2012, he had a change in his life and moved to Madrid,with the idea of ​​starting a new stage away from the vertigo of success and business. However, the passion for creating and embellishing people is part of George, and in Madrid he continues to work with a clientele of women and men who discover a stylist capable of guiding them to find the cut and style they really need and making them a reality.

George Ritzel decides to open a new George Marcus Salon in Madrid. , located on Quintana Street with Princesa, is a hairdressing and styling center focused on a national and international clientele that seeks an absolute personalized attention and the best cutting and coloring technique by a hairdressing master and a professional team.