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Our personalized professional advice is available to you.

The first step is a consultation about your style. Therefore, before entering the implementation phase, we identify your needs and taste to offer you a 100% customized solution. We carefully study the best way to proceed and give you advise to get the best result for you.

In addition, our advise on your style doesn’t end when you leave the Salon. After your visit to George Marcus, we follow up with to make sure you have a clear understanding on our advice to enhance and maintain your personal style.

We achieve for an unbeatable result: your full satisfaction.


Visagism & changes of image

Combining makeup and hairstyle techniques, we enhance the beauty of your features. We study lines, volumes and shapes so that your physical characteristics and your desires are closer than ever. You are part of this process in each step by giving us suggestions on how to change your look to obtain what you want.