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Enjoy an advanced hair coloring line, able to achieve a rich and saturated color with intense shine.

All our dyes are UV rays stable and resistant to sun exposure. In addition, they achieve a permanent coloration without ammonia or paraffin, through an oil distribution system and protein extract technology.

For hair that looks and feels strong and abundant, we also offer a natural hair color based on plants that don’t affect the intensity of the color or the precision of the tone. It is based on natural dyes, derived from three plants: henna, cassia and indigo.

Highlights + Hairstyle with Olaplex extra protection

Full Balayage

Californian highlights

Balafornians highlights


Discoloration and tone

Retouching, intensity on ends

Color correction

All our hair coloring works can be combined with the exclusive treatment Olaplexwhich is a deep and permanent hair repairman. It helps prevent hair breakage and breakage and aims to stop the damage by adding a chemical. It is ideal for use on bleached hair, before and after fading.